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Retail Sales Officer

  •  Posted:  Mon. 16 Mar, 2020
  •  Expires:  20, Oct 2020
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Job Summary

Promote the image and values of the Bank under existing environment/ competition, and a growing emphasis on quality customer service to ensure overall performance/profitability of the branch and customer satisfaction

Job Description

1. Identify and market prospects within the target market  

2. Carry out deposit mobilization initiatives (Current & Savings accounts (CASA, Fixed Deposits account)

3. Prepare customers’ loan applications and collate/direct data to the approving authority through the appropriate channels

 4. Ensure existing investments and liquidation are done accurately and promptly

5. Render all credit/risk asset reports, deposit liability report and LDR status report to Business Manager on a weekly basis

 6. Efficiently process new investment requests and review existing investment/liquidation requests accurately

 7. Ensure existing investments and liquidation are done accurately and promptly

8. Create quality risk assets and effectively manage balance sheet along target lines

9. Carry out effective and constant monitoring of customers’ account balances with a view to beefing up same 

10. Keep abreast of local and national economic, financial and political events which may impact on deposit liability generation and credit facilities  

11. Identify customers’ needs, proactively seek to provide products/services to meet such needs and advice on appropriate selection of banks products FINANCIAL 

Job Experience

Minimum of 2 years’ experience in Retail Banking in any Financial Institution. 

company details

Sterling Bank PLC

At Sterling Bank, our customers are our number one priority and we value their feedback and ideas. We've made sure there are plenty of ways to stay in touch. Sterling Bank Plc “Your one-customer bank” is a full service national commercial bank in Nigeria. In over 50 years of operations, Sterling Bank (formerly NAL Bank) has evolved from the nation’s pre-eminent investment banking institution to a fully-fledged commercial bank; and completed a merger with 4 other banks – Indo-Nigeria Merchant Bank, Magnum Trust Bank, NBM Bank and Trust Bank of Africa – as part of the 2006 consolidation of the Nigerian banking industry.

11th Floor, 20 Marina, Lagos

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